Wednesday, 3 January 2018


After school fun
Straight from the streets and onto the stereo

Some mothers dont trust you
Your trying your luck but that girl is hysterical
You smile like money and chewing gum

You know me so well its like you see the future
He'll be a car salesman, 
married to the girl you told a big secret.

Pouring soda onto flames
After holidays come days of the week
Sundays are half inspired
Late afternoons are perfect for rendezvous
Early off work and killed by a traffic light.

That man on the street is a woman
I peer at that light past the windows
but they're all peebrains in this tindertown.

I sleep with three pillows and sometimes with books
I have to write better, refract the light in my window

straight from the streets and onto stereo.

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